Alishan shiyan tea—GABA

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Weight:One bag (150g) without the can 

Brew in a claypot or porcelain or glass tea pot(about 240 c.c.) at 95C degree  hot water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.It can be brewed for 4 times.

This special tea is grown at 1650 meters above sea level on Ah Li Mountain. It's cold, and there canopy cloudy mists every day in high mountain. The average sunshine period is also short. Tea leaves and buds are tender. The mesophyll is thick and pectin contents are high. Hence high-mountain teas have some characteristics, such as green appearance, sweet taste, refined aroma and enduring brewing etc.
After our masters bake specially, this Ah Li Mountain Oolong smells like a light vanilla flavour and tastes natural sweet. Most importantly, it won’t bring you stomachache even though you drink it without eating anything. .

Typical taste in varietal tea: very unlike dark oolong tea. The structure is delicate and fresh. The textures are very soft; this is related to the high level of oolong tea leaves. The aromatics are very flowery ( such as orchid ), often with notes of smooth , clean and sweet.

this tea is sweetness that has made it an introducing tea for new oolong tea drinkers.

"Better High Mountain Oolong"

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