Better High Mountain Oolong—Green

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Weight: 1 bag (150g) without the paper box
Height: 1400m
Ferment: 10%
Origin:A Li Shan

Brew in a claypot or porcelain or glass tea pot(about 240 c.c.) at 95C degree  hot water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.It can be brewed for 4 times.

This special tea is grown at 1400 meters above sea level on A Li Shan. It's cold, and there canopy cloudy mists every day in high mountain. The average sunshine period is also short.
The mesophyll is thick and pectin contents are high. Hence high-mountain teas have some characteristics, such as green appearance, sweet taste, refined aroma and enduring brewing etc.

After our masters bake specially, this A Li Shan Oolong smells like a light vanilla flavour and tastes natural sweet.
Most importantly, it won’t bring you stomachache even though you drink it without eating anything, and contain less caffeine. .

Typical taste in varietal tea: very unlike dark oolong tea. The structure is delicate and fresh. The textures are very soft; this is related to the high level of oolong tea leaves. The aromatics are very flowery ( such as orchid ), often with notes of smooth , clean and sweet.

this tea is sweetness that has made it an introducing tea for new oolong tea drinkers.

"Better High Mountain Oolong"

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