Lishan Jin Xuan Tea(Milky Oolong)

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Weight: One bag (150g)  without the can
Elevation: 2000 meters
Oxidation: 20%
Origin: lishan

Brew in a claypot or porcelain or glass tea pot at 95 degree C  water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.

Grown 2000 meters, this lishan Jin Xuan Oolong is a special varietal of Camellia sinesis. This tea is picked by hand and unique for its light milk fragrance and smooth taste. The tea is very light and you can drink it on an empty stomach. Tea sold as jin xuan often has a milky scent even with the dry leaves, but the light milk fragrance will only appear through brewing with high-quality and natural jin xuan oolong. This lishan Jin Xuan Oolong leaves cups with a sweet, light, fragrance that evolves as the cup cools down.

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