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Organic Honey Tea(BLACK TEA)

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Weight:One bag 110g  without the case
Ferment:40%   low Caffeine Free
Origin: Taiwan Taitung

Brew in a porcelain or glass tea pot at 90 degree C  water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.

This tea is very popular all over the world. The leaves are amber brown with brown tips. The fragrances and tastes are out of this world. It has a smooth flavor of sweet fruit and honey. It is only produced in Taiwan among other producing countries. Unique honey or mature fruit aroma is remained on the tea leaves and also appeared different colors of tea leaves through natural processes. The aroma is intense sweet honey. The liquor is full-bodied with a silky smooth mouth-feel, and a complex flavor profile with notes of honey and sweet malt. This cup is best enjoyed alone, but if you prefer, you may add milk and/or a natural sweetener.

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