Better Tie Guan Yin Tea

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Weight: One bag (150g) without the can
Oxidation: 40%   Caffeine Free
Origin: Taipei City, Musa County

Brew in a claypot or porcelain or glass tea pot(about 240 c.c.) at 95C degree  hot water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.It can be brewed for 4 times

Tie guan yin is a semi-ball rolled tea is similar to oolong in that the process of oxidation and roasting is the same, but it comes from a different plant than Taiwanese oolong. This tie guan yin was roasted in our shop and is a very high grade of tea in Taiwan and internationally.

Color: Orange-yellow with a reddish tinge. Flavor: Mellow, thick, sweet, smooth. Slightly astringent and fruity.

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