Premium Green Tea (Bi Luo Chuen)

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Weight: One bag (110g)  without the paper box
Elevation: 400 meters
Oxidation: 0%
Origin: Sanxia, New Taipei City

Brew in a porcelain or glass tea pot at 80 degree C  water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.

Unlike most teas from Taiwan, green teas are not oxidized. There's no withering, oxidation, or fermentation in the manufacturing process. The tea leaves of our Premium Green Tea are specially picked as tender shoots by hand. Generally, green tea is said to look like fresh-green sword-blades. The brewed tea liquid color is a pale yellow-green. Bi Luo Chuen, or "Green Spiral Spring," Tea was named by the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty after he tasted a season's best harvest.

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