Premium Alishan Oolong Heavy Roasted Tea

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Weight: One bag (150g)  without the can
Elevation: 1600 meters
Oxidation: 30%  Caffeine Free
Origin: Alishan

Brew in a claypot or porcelain or glass tea pot(about 240 c.c.) at 95C degree  hot water and tea leaves 9g  for 3 minutes.It can be brewed for 6 times

Grown at 1600 meters, the leaves that make up our Better High Mountain Oolong spend every day in the cold, cloudy mist that settles on the mountain. The temperature and short average sunshine make the leaves and buds tender, and give high-mountain teas special characteristics such as a golden-yellow color and sweet taste and aroma that endures repeated brews. Like most of our teas, the tea changes, improves, and refines with each subsequent brewing. Many people get stomachaches after drinking tea, without realizing that this is a sign of the quality of tea. Our taiwanese high-mountain oolong is low in caffeine and is free of chemicals that can irritate the stomach. You can easily drink this tea on an empty stomach.

The tea is a beautiful and pure amber color, with a smooth mature fruity aftertaste. It is full-bodied, rich texture and smooth mature fruity flavor. With age, caffeine fades away and the rich currant qualities of heavy roasted oolong tea change to caramel notes.

"Better High Mountain Oolong"

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