Brick Sheng Pu-erh Tea (1996)

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Quantity: One brick (250g)

This brick of ripe pu-erh has been aging since 1996. It was made using traditional slow-process fermentation.

Pu-erh comes from Yunnan Province in southern China. After the tea leaves are picked and processed, the tea is fermented, formed into cakes of various shapes, and then aged. Pu-erh is the only tea that is intentionally aged and the longer the tea sits, the smoother it tastes. Pu-erh tea can benefit human health and has been studied in China and France, but not all pu-erh on the market is safe. To meet increasing demand for pu-erh, manufacturers developed the wet-pile fermentation process, which accelerates flavor and color development but mimics composting and can harbor bad microorganisms. It can be difficult to trace process and origin of pu-erh, but trust your nose--it should never smell of anything reminiscent of mildew.

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