Ya Jlian Oriental Beauty Tea— 5 colors

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Weight: One bag (75g) 

Oxidation: 40% Caffeine Free

Origin: Hsinchu 

Hand pick :1200 buds 

this annual Hsinchu County Oriental Beauty Tea is very highly prized tea.  This high level of Oriental Beauty tea rarely gets to travel outside of Asia as nearly all of it is bought by Chinese speculators.

Oriental Beauty tea can credit its distinctive flavor and color to the young, insect-bitten leaves that begin oxidation before the leaves are even picked. This tea has a smooth flavor of ripe fruit and honey, and the color is amber— very different from oolong's green, golden steeped tea. This tea is very popular worldwide, and despite the number of countries that now claim to produce it, the original and true flavor can only be found in Taiwanese Oriental Beauty. Delicate and rich, this tea is perfect for any occasion. Fragrant and with a sweet, floral aroma, Oriental Beauty carries tones of honey and fruits which deliver a lasting aftertaste.

The leaves are amber brown with white tips and more white tips indicate higher quality. This top grade oriental beauty tea has five different colors—blue, red, yellow, white and black.

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