Premium Green Tea (Bi Luo Chun)

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Weight: One bag (110g)  without the paper box
Elevation: 400 meters
Oxidation: 0%
Origin:  New Taipei City


Unlike most teas from Taiwan, green teas are not oxidized. There's no withering, oxidation, or fermentation in the manufacturing process. The tea leaves of our Premium Green Tea are specially picked as tender shoots by hand. Generally, green tea is said to look like fresh-green sword-blades. The brewed tea liquid color is a pale yellow-green.


this Premium Green Tea (Wen shan Pouchong ) smells like a light flowery flavour and tastes natural sweet . The structure is delicate and fresh. The textures are very soft. The aromatics are very flowery ( such as orchid ), often with notes of smooth , clean and sweet.

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