*Spiritual Detoxification (Mindfulness) "consciousness"
We achieve true health only through purifying our hearts and souls from negative emotions and balancing our mind so that it is serene. More importantly, 90% of diseases are caused by spiritual code problems carried over from Five skandhas.
*Physical Detoxification"sensation"
This is needed to facilitate the detoxifying process inside our bodies by practicing energizing-and-detoxifying realization and enlightenment.(just do it)
*Emotional Detoxification (meditation) "mental formations"
It is important to correct some unhealthy information that happened to be reflected upon you through meditation.
*Supernatural Detoxification (Practice)"perfection of enlightenment"
By appealing to the universe high energy, and Buddha-recitation, we can effectively activate the Human Spiritual System for detoxification through self-awareness.
*Vegan foods for detoxification

☸That the body arise must change and decline, and that form is a congregation of wrongdoings.
☸The body is impermanent, but should not exhort to renunciation or seize upon Five skandhas.
☸The body is miserable, but should not encourage to find liberation in Nirvana.
☸That the body is false appearances without any stable essence, but not to seek any ultimate peaceful.